When pregnant with her first child in 2012, Kippins founder Heather Rowland was told she would never sleep again! As a major fan of sleeping, she went in search of the perfect comforter (a great way of helping baby feel secure when Mum or Dad isn’t around) but couldn’t find anything that ticked all of the boxes: cool, organic, machine washable, ethically made and with no buttons, plush fabric or embroidery that could be ingested or inhaled by baby. The very first Kippin was sketched in the middle of the night after a particularly strange pregnant-lady dream. After a few years of perfecting, Kippins launched in 2014, with tens of thousands of happy babies all around the world now getting super Kippiny! Every Kippins product is designed in Australia and manufactured ethically in India. Heather and David are passionate about introducing children to the concept of sustainability and eco-friendliness from day one!

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